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Next Launcher 3D Apk v3.0.1 Paid

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Next Launcher 3D Apk v3.0.1 Paid

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Next Launcher 3D Apk v3.0.1 Paid

Most popular premium launcher Next Launcher 3D shows you how 3D dynamic effects and highly customizable Android home screen replacement app could redefine your Android device.

Forget about everything tiling on the flat like dead fish. Forget about the icon showing like a piece of paper. Forget about the dock standing in line like dumb wood. Forget the traditional launcher and embrace REAL 3D Launcher!

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What's New:
(Fixed) Some bugs with Next Notification.
(New) New Ultimate Next UI.
(New) New Folder open effect.
(Improved) Homescreen preview reflection effect(Menu->Preferences ->Effects settings->Homescreen reflection effect).
(Improved) Improved) Smoother & faster for the animation effects.
(3D) Supports notification (Menu->Preferences->Advanced settings->Notification).
(3D) Support replace icon base (Menu->Preferences ->Screen settings-> Replace icon base).
(New) Introduced another screen roration rule for Classic mode (Preferences -> Screen settings -> Screen orientation switching method, only for Classic Mode).
(Improved) Better experience for Pad.
(Fixed) The launcher might be crashed when drag an icon to dock.
(Fixed) Some themes are not compatible after upgraded to v2.07.
(Fixed) For Android 4.4, when return back from other apps, the launcher.
1.(Only for 3D scene) Gravity sensor is supported in home screen (Menu->Preference->Screen settings->Gravity sensor)
2.(3D) More advanced settings.
3.(Improved) Support add/delete screens in screen edit mode (Long press the free area on screen)
4.(Improved) Compatible with Android 4.4
5.(Fixed) S4 with some particular ROMs will be stuck in the carrier logo when reboot.
6.(Fixed) Some FC bugs.




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